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Frequently Asked Questions

Quest leverages its expertise and proprietary economic modeling to cut through the complexities of pharmacy benefit costs and requests for proposal (RFP). Quest empowers our clients with the knowledge needed to make sourcing decisions. Quest will manage the full process from the analysis of historical performance, creating the RFP, evaluation of bidder responses, contract review and perform annual audits.

Quest does not have preferred PBMs they work with. They invite qualified PBMs to bid on RFPs on the behalf of their clients. Quest will work with any PBM that will agree to the required RFP terms and conditions that protect our clients.

Quest will perform a comprehensive analysis of your pharmacy claims to identify current performance and provide opportunities to maximize pharmacy savings, enhanced contract terms and decrease the risk to the clent.

ASP provides a guaranteed drug price per general drug claim, protects the client from drug price inflation, and ensures the client gets a market competitive deal that is 100 percent auditable. Plan sponsors have saved as much as 30 percent on their drug spend utilizing the ASP model.

Payers continue to see an increase in specialty pharmacy spend and utilization with no signs of either slowing down. Quest has also observed an ongoing focus on specialty pharmacy development by the drug manufacturers and constant increases of waste in specialty medications. Payers need to be aware of the utilization trends of specialty medications to appropriately manage the spend due to overutilization, off label prescribing, continued waste and overbilling.

A pharmacy discount app provides a valued solution to reduce the cost of medications for individuals who do not have prescription coverage, a high deductible offering or reduce cost to medications that are not covered by their drug benefit.

Performing an annual audit holds the PBM accountable, identifies non-compliance of contract terms and provides an understanding to how your pharmacy benefit is performing.

Quest leverages their pharmacy expertise and economic modeling to provide client specific solutions, while achieving high cost savings. Quest does not aggregate payers contract terms or performance guarantees, which is a common practice with a coalition or GPO contract. In addition, not moving to a coalition or GPO allows the client to have continue control of their benefit designs, clinical offerings and access to client specific claims data.

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